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I just wrote about the Eat Right Ontario website and then I clicked on the Menu Planner.  It’s really cool.  You choose your goal, either Healthy Weight, Healthy You or Eat Right for Less.  Then it shows you a weekly menu.  This page has the nutritional content of the meals, servings of your daily requirements (veggies, grains, protein, fats), content of that meal, and an option for substitions for that meal, recipes how to make it…I could go on.  Then they compile your weekly grocery list for those meals. 

It’s pretty handy.  Check it out here:

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How many calories in your favorite drinks?

alcoholI did get a little drunk this weekend and did not keep track of how many drinks I had.  Sometimes I would keep the bottle caps in my pockets to keep track but we had cans :).  So I did a little googling and came up with the above chart from Eat Right Ontario (   So by my rough calculations I had at least 500-600 extra calories.  I did not eat much yesterday or today but we know calorie starving is not the way to go. 

This site ( also has some great info on tips on alcohol.


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Dear Diary

Weekend of May 29-31, 2009

Dear Diary,

I had a great camping weekend with friends.  However I didn’t go on a hike, did have some bad food and did drink.  Do I feel guilty?  Kinda but the fun was worth it.

Friday night I had some chips and half a beer.  Saturday we went to a beach and I did go for a walk in the sand, but opted out of the hike because I was hungry.  Saturday night I ended up having about 4 or 5 beer and some chocolate covered peanuts.  All in all I didn’t overeat or eat too much of one thing.  I did have oatmeal and veggies.  I didn’t step on the scale though this weekend.  My bf thinks I didn’t do too bad and I did work out a lot last week.

Good times!  Next time I will know to bring a lot of water and maybe those water flavour packets to try and avoid giving into beer temptation.

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Weight Loss TV Shows

Here’s the Slice Network’s webpage for videos.  It has some of its TV shows about fitness and weight loss such as X-Weighted, Last 10 Pounnds Boot camp and Workout.

Link to Slice videos (tv shows) about fitness:

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Out Of Office for the weekend

I am going camping with friends this weekend so unfortunately I will not be able to do any posts.  I did buy lean burgers, whole wheat buns, packed veggies, berries, eggs and oatmeal.  And I’m not bringing alcohol!  Who camps without some beer?  Planning on getting some exercise with hiking, frisbee, badminton maybe.

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100 Push Ups Challenge is hurtin’

I’m on Week 2 Day 3 of the 100 Push Ups Challenge and it’s getting rough.  Tonight I’m to do sets of 16, 17, 14 and another 14….I was feeling it after Week 2 Day 2 so this should be interesting….Anyone else doing the challenges?

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Eat Veggies to Lose Weight


Here is a picture from Canada’s Food Guide 2008.  7 to 8 servings of fruits and veggies seems like a lot of roughage.  It did to me.  But 1/2 a cup or a small fruit is a serving.  I started picking up veggies (carrots, english cucumber, radishes, peppers) and washing and cutting them up when I got back from the store, usually Sunday afternoons.  I divy the veggies into 5 tupperware containers, about 1 to 1.5 cups each into a tupperware container, one for each day of the work week.  I can’t stress how much this makes it easier to quickly put together a lunch in the AM.  I also divied up almonds into smaller containers that are ready to go. 

The food guide is the basis of the Eat Clean Diet, too.


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Dear Diary

May 28, 2009

Dear Diary,

I felt guilty about the cheat meal last night so I ended up going to the gym at lunch (see below).  I took the stairs 5x today but didn’t bike to work as it was raining.  My eating today was good, pretty much the same as yesterday except for the dinner cheat meal.  I had bacon tomato sandwich with watermelon and a protein shake. 

The cheat meal last night was good!  Not amazing, but good.  Think I needed some extra calories.  I wasn’t as sore this morning.  So I guess I’m going to let myself be OK with a cheat meal.  I got some support on that as well!

Oh, and I ordered dessert last night.  Caramel cheesecake.  It was good. 


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Cheat Meals

So I’m really sore, and overly tired.  I decided to have a cheat meal.  I’ve been doing some reading and some fitness models have 2 cheat nights a week, where they actually eat what they want, entree and dessert.  So….I ordered Swiss Chalet.  And I looked at the nutritional content to see how much damage I am doing. 

Shame on me.  Big Shame.


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Clean Eating Magazine

magI sometimes pick up the Clean Eating magazine.  Every now and then you like a new recipe.  I’d like the recipe for that chocolate cupcake.  Anyone have it?

Click here to browse the website or to subscribe: .

It’s also available through Muscle Mag via the Oxygen Magazine website:


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