They weigh what…?

megYesterday I was out for a walk with my bf and we were talking about this blog I wanted to start.  He actually came up with the IWMSB name.  I said I wanted to lose weight and that this would be a good medium to keep me in check with my plan.  Then I made the mistake of asking him how much he though I should weigh…I thought I might get an educated opinion out of him since he’s witnessed my fitness efforts for the past 2.5 years (cardio, weights, battling with maintaining clean food diet) but intead I got “135lbs”…which may not seem too incredible yet for a woman who is already physically active and can’t seem to figure out where the weight is, it was heartbreaking.  Yes, there may have been crocodile tears halfway home, but he recanted.  So it got me thinking…how much should I aim for? The answer was for me, start with 10lbs.  So I’m hoping for 155lbs and then will go from there.  Oh, and I’m looking for muscle.  Not Arnold, but strong woman. 

His opinion on women’s weight got me thinking some more….how much do the celebs weigh?  So with some witty googling I came up with this site The Fitness Blackbook.  I am happy some weigh in the 120-135 range but given their height their weight is still below or on the low side.

Here’s a quick look of the numbers and a link:

Adriana Lima: Victoria’s Secret Model
Height 5’10” – Weight 112 pounds
Height 1.77m – Weight 50.91 kg

Jessica Biel: Actress (started on “7th Heaven”)
Height 5’8″ – Weight 108 pounds
Height 1.72m – Weight 49.09 kg

Kate Beckinsale: Actress (movie “Underworld”)
Height 5’8″ – Weight 115 pounds
Height 1.72m – Weight 52.27 kg

Gabrielle Union: Actress (movie “Bring it On”)
Height 5’8″ – Weight 110 pounds
Height 1.72m – Weight 50.00 kg

Jessica Alba: Actress (movie “Into The Blue”)
Height 5’7″ – Weight 127 pounds
Height 1.70m – Weight 57.73 kg

Megan Fox: Actress (movie “Transformers”)
Height 5’6″ – Weight 114 pounds
Height 1.67m – Weight 51.82 kg

Roselyn Sanchez: Actress (TV show “Without a Trace”)
Height 5’7″ – Weight 130 pounds
Height 1.70m – Weight 59.09 kg

Eva Longoria: Actress (TV show “Desperate Housewives”)
Height 5’2″ – Weight 105 pounds
Height 1.57m – Weight 47.73 kg

Salma Hayek: Actress (movie “Desperado”)
Height 5’2″ – Weight 115 pounds
Height 1.57m – Weight 52.27 kg

Kelly Hu: Actress (movie “Scorpion King”)
Height 5’5″ – Weight 122 pounds
Height 1.65m – Weight 55.45 kg


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