How much protein after a workout for muscle growth?


I read a while ago in some magazine that the body needs only about 20g of protein after a workout to aid in muscle growth/repair.  I told my bf who I think didn’t quite believe me until he read it in Men’s Health today.  Men’s Health is his bible…until it’s in MH, it’s not the truth.  Anyways, in the latest issue he read it and passed it on to me.  Page 42 of the June issue of the Canadian Edition of Men’s Health: “Canadian researchers have found that just 20 grams of protein following your workout is enough to speed muscle growth.  While more protein didn’t do harm, it didn’t provide any further benefit to the participants’ muscles”.

This is interesting because most protein powders say to use 2 scoops which equal about 30-40 grams of protein.  Now you can use just one scoop, get the same benefits and the (expensive) powder lasts twice as long.

By the way, I turned my bf onto Men’s Health because it’s such a good magazine.  I used to read my brother’s when we were roommates.  So guys, check out Men’s Health.  Ladies, buy your own or buy your partner a subscription.

Men’s Health:


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