Dear Diary


May 27, 2009

Dear Diary,

I weighed myself this morning after breakfast and I was at 161lbs.  So happy.  Work it paying off!  It was cold and rainy so I didn’t bike.  I almost slept in.  I ran out of oatmeal so just had scrambled eggs, berries and coffee.  I had my veggies for snacks and roast beef for lunch.  A coworker brought in cookies and made me take one at like 8am!  I had a few bites but decided it wasn’t good and threw it out.  NOT like my usual self.  I had my protein shake when I got home and will have an omelette with peppers and onions, and asparagus for dinner.

I did take the stairs 7 times today.  They are wearing me out but in a good way.  Ass and calved hurt by the 6th and 7th time up the stairs but it’s the good burn.  Also my calves are looking pretty good.  The calf raises with heavy weight and high reps have helped.  They are “endurance” muscles and require lots of training.  I did go do the gym and routine is below. 

All in all, a good day!



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One Comment

  1. upinthecosmos replied:

    Wow, I should be exercising like that! You go girl, you will hit your goal in no time & it will be well deserved with all the effort you are putting into it.

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