Weights vs Machines

machI prefer free weights.  But I didn’t always.  I started out with weight machines.  I think I started with the machines because they were less intimidating when I wanted to start weight training.  They had a spot for your bum and your hands so you could figure out how to do it.  With free weights they are just sitting there, daring you to pick it up and try to lift it.  Sometimes I would try to pick up one only to realize I couldn’t and felt like a fool.

Now I prefer free weights.  I have built up a bit of strength and have learned through reading and watching videos how to properly use them.  Training with free weights train the smaller muscles that help stabilize the focal muscle.  This gives a better appearance and actually better usage out of the movement in real life.  Less chance for injury. 

My advice would be for beginners to hire a trainer to give them an idea about the proper movements and weight for them.  Or ask an attefreendant at your gym.  Read up on weight in magazines such as Oxygen Magazine.  Start on machines until you are comfortable with the movements and have gained a little strength.

Now I grab for the heavy weights.


Good article on Free Weights or Machines: http://exercise.about.com/cs/weightlifting/a/freeweights.htm





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