Dear Diary

Weekend of May 29-31, 2009

Dear Diary,

I had a great camping weekend with friends.  However I didn’t go on a hike, did have some bad food and did drink.  Do I feel guilty?  Kinda but the fun was worth it.

Friday night I had some chips and half a beer.  Saturday we went to a beach and I did go for a walk in the sand, but opted out of the hike because I was hungry.  Saturday night I ended up having about 4 or 5 beer and some chocolate covered peanuts.  All in all I didn’t overeat or eat too much of one thing.  I did have oatmeal and veggies.  I didn’t step on the scale though this weekend.  My bf thinks I didn’t do too bad and I did work out a lot last week.

Good times!  Next time I will know to bring a lot of water and maybe those water flavour packets to try and avoid giving into beer temptation.

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