Change up your arm routine – Oxygen Magazine


I changed my arm routine today and used tips from the March 2009 edition of Oxygen Magazine.  It suggested to change your barbell grip with every set.  So after the one warm up set with 15lbs on the EZ bar I did normal spaced grip for the first set, wide spaced grip for the second and for the third a close spaced grip.  Wide grip is one hand larger than shoulder width one each side.  Close grip is 4 inches between hands.

The theory is that changing the grip recruits different muscle fibers to do the work – and the more fibers you get to work the more are damaged, then repaired in recovery meaning muscle growth.  This also produces a balanced-looking bicep.  I started with 15lbs to get the techniques right.

My arm muscles are really “popping out” I think from the added exercise from the 100 push ups challenge.

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