Dear Diary

June 8, 2009

Dear Diary,

I didn’t go to the grocery store last night so I was out of eggs and didn’t bring any food with me to work…I know, big mistake.  I had oatmeal and wheat germ with black tea for breakfast but no eggs.  Needless to say I was hungry by 9am and grabbed a peanut chocolate bar from the cafe to give me energy.  Have to say it hit the spot.  For sweets, that is. 

I am worn out from my weekend’s activities so I didn’t do cardio at lunch.  I figured with no food in me I’d be buring muscle and not fat, carbs or glycogen.  I did do weights (see below).  I switched up my arm routine according to Oxygen magazine to get my arms to pop.  I am going to do Week 4 of both challenges tonight and if I find it hard I”ll repeat a week.

I took the stairs 4 times today and had to go out around my work to sell ad space (long story short I am a orientation planner for a school) and walked for about 50min straight.  I was tired and sweaty when I got back.  Every so grateful I didn’t expend precious energy on 30min elliptical intervals at lunch.  I did pick up one of my fav foods: a steak fajita burrito from Taco Villa.  So good and filling.  I am still not hungry and I ate that at 2pm.

I will go grocery shopping tonight so I can eat clean again and frequently at work.  No more energy slumps!



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