“Women & Carbs” Muscle Fitness hers articles


I read an interesting article in the May/June 2009 issue of Muscle Fitness hers magazine.  The article was “Women & Carbs” by Myatt Murphy and it stated two interesting points. 1) long distance atheletes needs more carbs to fuel their endeavors and 2) men burn more glycogen (stored form of carbs in muscles) than women.  This means that we women are naturally inclined to burn less carbs then men unless we are training for long distance marathons. 

This means we have to make protein and good fats a priority.  I just bought olives for snacks for work and avocados.  I also bought ground flaxseed (omega 3s and nutrients/minerals) to go with my morning oatmeal and wheat germ.

Check out the magazine’s website here: http://www.muscleandfitnesshers.com/


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  1. Natalie replied:

    I am trying to find a copy of this issue. Do you have any suggestions for me or know where I can find one. I have tried everywhere and they have already took them off the stands

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      Hi – I believe you can call customer service and order a back issue at from their website: http://www.muscleandfitnesshers.com/training. I would also suggest eBay or something like that for back issues. Call your local libraries to see if they have a subscription b/c they would have older issues!

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