How many calories do sports burn?











So I have a squash date next week – a friendly gym-goer asked me if I wanted to learn squash with him at our gym so we are giving it a go next week.  I also tried tennis again this past weekend and I love it.  So much so that I’m going to pick up a racket tomorrow and go to the nearest court with my roommate tomorrow night. 

Which brings me to my question “how many calories do sports burn?”

Well, this site and this site will calculate the calories burned by using your body weight and activity choice.  Squash is crazy – 160lbs, over 600 calories in 45min.  Tennis is good at 400.  Take up sports!

By the way, I’ve signed up for a beach volleyball tourni in July.  I love volleyball.  I play on intramurals (although I have been slacking off in the summer, but come fall, I’ll be there!).


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