Lose weight and get healthy with BEE POLLEN


So as mentioned below I picked up bee pollen from a farmer’s market.  $10 for the jar.  The recommended serving (dissolved in hot cereal, water, or other beverage) is maximum a teaspoon.  Start out with 1/4 tsp and build up to 1 tsp.

Now what is bee pollen?  Pollen is the male germination cells of flowers which honey bees gather.  Bee keepers set up sets of tiny-gauge screen that “scrape” off the pollen powder from the bees as they pass through.  The pollen powder drops into a drawer which is gathered by the bee keeper.  Pollen is then dried or frozen and forms tiny clumps seen in the above picture.

Bee pollen contains almost all nutrients and all 22 amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes we need.  This makes it a great addition to your morning meal.  Pollen users boast that because pollen is a nutritional powerhouse they eat less food and it’s a natural weight control.  Bee pollen is also suggested to increased your red blood cells resulting in more energy (take in AM rather than PM).  Your skin looks better and even your sex life improves. 

It can be hard on your stomach so introduce bee pollen in small increments up to 1 tsp.  It’s not recommended for people allergic to pollen.   And as always, consult your doctor.


Leitch’s Honey, 519-942-1380


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