Excuses, excuses!


This is from the Active Living website of Health Canada adapted from “The Exercise Book” Standford Centre for Research in Disease Prevention, California, 1986, in The Healthy Weight Program, Nutrition Services, Halton Regional Health Department, 1994. 

Are any of these your excuses?  I used to be the last one!

  • “I hate the idea of exercise.” Try it, maybe you’ll like it or it will grow on you
  • “I’m too tired to exercise.” Start out by doing
    just a little bit and then gradually build it up.  Your body will adjust and you’ll feel/see improvements!
  • “I would look ridiculous jogging!” Who said you have to jog?
    Would you look ridiculous walking? (Anyway, people of all ages jog.)
  • “I feel fine, I don’t need to exercise.” You
    may not be feeling ill, but that’s not the same as
    being physically fit. And if you don’t exercise,  your cardiovascular system will not be in prime condition.
  • “I’m too heavy to exercise.”  If you are too heavy you need to exercise!
  • “I don’t have time.”  Do exercises while shopping (you are already walking and carrying), reading and watching TV.  Sit-ups and stretching can be done, and do sets during commercials.  I can’t sit and watch tv without doing an ab routine!
  • “Exercise will make me hungrier. I’ll eat more and put on weight, not lose it.” Moderate exercise before a meal can even curb an appetite.  If you eat the correct amount of calories while maintaining an adequate workout routine, you should be feeding your body the correct energy.  However if you are dieting and ramping up your activity you will feel hungrier and eat more.  Or if filling up on calorie-dense food (maybe as a reward for working out?) you will gain weight despite all the physical effort, of course!




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