Alcohol stalls fat burning by 73%


While I was reading Men’s Health, Women’s Health and the latest Oxygen magazine this weekend camping, I came across a shocking stat: Alcohol consumption stalls metabolism of fat by 73%.  When you ingest alcohol, the liver goes straight to breaking that alcohol down.  Acetate is produced as a by-product which stalls fat metabolism. 

So not only do you consume a lot of calories while drinking, you (meaning I) end up craving high fat, high calorie fast and/or junk food with something sweet (carrot cake).  Talk about a double whammy!  Just another reason to cut back on the booze!  Which I have.  I’m like down to 2-3 glasses on a Saturday night if I have anything at all!

Stat from: Lawrence Feinman and Charles S Lieber, Ethanol and lipid metabolism, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 70, No. 5, 791-792, November 1999

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  1. Atkins Diet Recipes replied:

    Oh! thats a great info. Alcohol stalls the metabolism of fat – Stop Drinking..If you are keen on loosing weight!

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