Common question about cravings

Answer by Ellie Krieger from Everyday Health:

Q: I always get tired toward the end of the workday — right around when I want to grab a chocolate bar from the candy machine. Is there a healthier but fast way to get some energy?

A: That candy machine is tempting — but a habit worth breaking. Keep your quarters for the parking meter and try some of these ideas: Slice up some apples before you go to work (you can even buy a gadget that cores and slices an apple in seconds) and keep a small jar of peanut butter at your desk. This is a tasty combination that’s sure to perk you up. Or keep some low-fat cottage cheese and some fruit in the fridge for a flavorful and natural snack. Yogurt gives you a quick shot of calcium, or you can keep a supply of low-fat cheese and whole-grain crackers for a delicious break. A bag of baby carrots or some grape tomatoes offers a constant source of munching that won’t load you with fat or sugar. You might also want to have some almonds or peanuts around for a quick fix, but keep the helping small enough to limit the extra calories.



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