Prep for 5km and 200 Sit Ups Challenge

I did my “exhaustion” run on hot day…and didn’t eat many carbs today with only a protein shake for afternoon snack/dinner.  So anyways I ran about 2km, with a few short stops (30 seconds) in the shade for relief.  I think I can do better if I ate some dinner beforehand and if it was cooler.

On a side note, I did Week 5 Day 2 of the 200 Sit Ups Challenge.  I have been taking my time between the days because of other physical activities.  My abs feel worked but I will finish both challenges!  I might be doing Week 5 over again depending on what Week 5 Day 3 is like for both!

June 24, 2009. Tags: , , , , , , , , , . Exercise.


  1. Running Music replied:

    I go through that same “would i do better after eating?” question every week. I’m locked in to thinking if I eat anything more than a protein shake suring the day, along with water, coffee, energy drinks, I’ll feel full, tired, and won’t workout as hard. I lack portion control so if I eat the lunch I want to eat, come 5:00 PM, I feel tired and bloated which makes me miss going to the gym. I know what’s better for me but I also know how I feel. As far as you with running and sit ups, I couldn’t images doing those after eating dinner.

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      I know it sounds crazy but I can’t just do nothing after dinner. Busybody I guess in the summer. I started measuring food when I did a portion control post and now eat more frequently but in smaller amounts, so much so that I don’t want a big lunch anymore or my old favourites. I think the heat made me lose my appetite last night so after the run (1hr later) I have fruit, eggs and ancient grains toast. Felt much better. Have you gone to a nutritionist regarding your eating patterns?

  2. Power Running replied:

    I tried to leave a comment about how it’s hard for me to eat then workout or run but I don’t know if comments on here are working.

  3. iwantmysexyback replied:

    I didn’t see your previous comment. What was it?

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