Vitamin D can help you lose weight?

vit d

A study at the University of Minnesota showed that there is a relationship between vitamin D levels in the body and weight loss. 

Doctors measured vitamin D in 38 obese patients before and after a weight loss program. Results suggest higher vitamin D levels may increase Doctors measured both the active and inactive levels of vitamin D in 38 obese patients before and after an eleven-week weight loss program. The findings suggest that vitamin D may play a role in weight loss in conjunction withe low cal diet. 

This does not mean  that low levels of vitamin D can cause obesity.   To load up on vitamin D-rich foods eat fish (herring, tuna, roe, salmon mackeral, sardines), cod liver oil supplements, eggs, fortified breakfast cereals and juice or get about 15min of sunlight a day (any more use sunscreen!).



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