Hybrid Workout?


I am researching a post on Megan Fox (mostly because I am fascinated with her face/hair) and came across this term “hybrid workout”.

When you increase the intensity of the aerobic activity you do,  the energy used from carbs increases and the energy used from fat stores decreases.  When you do interval training you burn more calories (short bursts of high intensity followed by less intensity periods).  Hybird workouts combine both – body weight exercises followed with low intensity cardio.  This is supposed to burn fat. 

I haven’t found that many articles talking about hybrid workouts so if anyone has found something contradictory pass it along please.

I find this idea interesting…do I already do Hybrid Workouts because I do weights before cardio?  Is it because I go for 30min random intervals on the treadmill/elliptical?  The one author says that if someone is doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) they shouldn’t be able to do it longer than 20min!  Also, didn’t we have some earlier posts on weights before cardio and vice versa, coming to the conclusion that weights before cardio may mean more fat burn?





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