BMI – is it ever correct?

A previous study of NFL football players found that a large percentage of them – around 60 percent – were considered obese,”  Joshua Ode, Ph.D. student, MSU Department of Kinesiology

Every time I’ve done a BMI calculator it says I’m overweight…I may be a little heavy but I am curvy chick with muscle and Jessica Rabbit boobs.  So I wondered if it was me and I’m just blind to what I truly look like, or if there was something up with the BMI.

Body Mass Index, BMI, is calculated by taking a person’s weight and dividing it by their height squared. 

Research done by Michigan State University and Saginaw Valley State University concluded that in most causes BMI did not accurately assess the person’s body fat %.  Those studied were athletes and non-athletes.  A BMI of 25 or above indicates a person is overweight.  30 or above indicates obesity.

The problem arises because the equation does not take into account the difference between body fat and muscle.  A muscular person can weigh more than they look, and their BMI can indicate they are overweight even when they are really healthy!  A skinny-fat girl can come out being healthy but she may not be that fit. 

To get an accurate reading of body fat % try being weighed underwater!



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