Multivitamins – should you multivitamin and how to pick


I take a multivitamin – I don’t think that I eat such a daily well-balanced diet that I get everything I need.  I do know that you should take a vitamin that you can break with your fingers, as that means that your body can break it down.  Also take with food and water to avoid that nauseous feeling.

Should you take a vitamin?  This article by Kimberly Bither, M.S., CPFT, Nutritionist, Fitness Consultant, Adjunct Professor/College Instructor, Writer, and Speaker (wow, long list) says that if you are a healthy person with healthy eating habits, you should be OK but if you want to take a vitamin for “insurance”, go ahead.  She also provides a link to a diet analyzer so you can see what type of multi you need, depending on what diet deficiencies you have. 

She does mention that cheap multis are just as good as designer ones, pass on colourings and additives, and go for non-iron because you can overdose (unless prescribed by a doctor for iron deficient anemia).


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  1. Ruth replied:

    I need to start taking vitamins! Did you know that the excess vitamins that your body doesn’t us is released in the urine. So, I say take them for the “insurance!”

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