What to eat at night?


I am sometimes hungry around 8pm or 9pm.  What to grab?  Obviously not my beloved carrot cake.  I’ve read around and what to eat is something with protein, maybe dairy, and something with fiber, to keep you full through your night’s fast.

  • Apple (Tosca Reno’s suggestion), maybe with some peanut butter or cheese
  • Cottage cheese ( a favorite of mine, with olives or in celery)
  • Protein shake (very filling, a staple)
  • 14 almonds or 7 walnuts
  • Try a glass of water and see if that takes the craving away
  • A hard boiled egg, with fruit
  • Keep a snack-serving size from your dinner, your “snack” is actually your dinner, but spaced over more hours!  Saves calories!

And don’t watch TV!  You might have a tv-munching habit or be tempted by a McD’s commercial!


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