Dear Diary

July 9, 2009

Dear Diary,

I didn’t give into cravings again and I upped my food intake to try and combat that (see below).  I also got up in time for a 15min run before work – 2km.  I biked to work but didn’t take the stairs because of some god-awful smell from the construction. 

I went to the gym at lunch.  I upped some reps and weights in the gym for arms, and added a crossover move to work the outer head of the tricep, to get that nice sculpted shoulder look.   It’s the cross chest dumbbell extension. You lay on a bench and raise one dumbbell (me, 12lbs) until amr is fully extended and bring down across your chest until elbow at a 90 degree angle.



My running on the treadmill at lunch wasn’t that great but I stuck it out for the 30min.  Think my legs were worn from the AM run and biking to work.  I ran for 3-4min, walked at a fast pace for 1-2min up to 30min and then stretched.

I played volleyball after work, lost both games but they were very close…should be a good season.  No running tonight..biking home hurt!

Breakfast: 3 eggs (I know, but I’m so hungry when I get to work), oatmeal with wheatgerm and ground flaxseed), lemon water, coffee, blueberries

Snack: roast beer, blueberries, avocados

Lunch: chicken eggplant veggie stirfry over white rice (I know, again!  But I was really hungry! and ate most of my food)

Snack: Apple before vball, protein shake after

Dinner: ???

PS: I got Baskin Robbins coupons in my mailbox today!



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