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I am lactore intolerant but have been slowly adding diary products, including whey protein, into my diet for almost a year and I”m good.  It’s only when I down 3 or 4 pieces of pizza (ahem, last week) that I have a digestion problem.

The following is this month’s Ask An Expert column from Oxygen Magazine:

Q: I’m allergic to whey protein. Can you suggest other protein sources other than soy? I’m looking for examples of non-dairy snacks that I can eat during the day.

A: A lot of people have this type of allergy. If you’re searching for a supplement (like powder) there are plenty of products made from egg and egg whites that may work for you…See the rest of the answer here!


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  1. Ruth replied:

    I’m just like you. I’m lactose intolerant when it comes to a large amount.


  2. Eric Troy replied:

    Well, whey only contains a small amount of lactose due to the filtering and concetration process. Regular whey concentrate, which hovers around 80% protein will have the most. Then there whey ‘isolates’ that contain greater percentages of protein and very little to none of anything else, including milk sugar, or lactose.

    But allergies to protein in whey (there is one very typcially allerginic protein faction in whey I think) and lactose intolerance are two different problems.

    There should be plenty of good protein options available without whey supplements. There is really no need for anyone to desperately search for an alternative protein powder. Most other protein powders are expensive compared to whey, except for soy concentrate which tastes terrible (most people go for soy isolate which is costly).

    BTW, lactaid enzyme supplements really do work well for me and most people I’ve known who’ve used them. But I suppose that really depends on how severe your problem is.

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      I use low lactose protein, however I do have a very sensitive stomach due to crohn’s disease, so I avoid stuff that has been bad for me in the past…and therefore most diary b/c I’d rather be for sure ok with my food, then take a lactase-containing pill and hope for the best.

      I heard from GNC that soy protein is not as good for protein powders – that milk whey is prime. I go for Whey ISO Burst and it’s ok on my stomach.

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