My measurements!

It’s been since the birth of this webpage that I’ve measured myself…so here it goes:

  • Weight 162lbs ↓ 3lbsTape-measure
  • Hips 42 ¼”  ↓ 1 ¾ “
  • Waist 35” ↓ 2 ¼”
  • Chest 41.5” ↓ 0.375”
  • Circumference of one thigh (right) 26 1/8” 

I don’t know how much my thighs have decreased because we can’t figure out where we measured my thighs a few months ago!  We decided to measure one thigh around the largest part from now on.

I feel great knowing that I did some good.  I do know that I put on muscle because we can see definition.  I do know that I got slimmer because we (my bf and I) noticed as well as family.


PS.  These measurements were taken after the burrito and 2 Scoop Sundae dinner!


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  1. Fat Boy Fitness Zone replied:

    Stick with your workouts and you’ll continue to see results. I actually gained 8 pounds initially after starting on the P90X workouts. I hung in there for 3 weeks til I started seeing weight loss on the scale. I’ve been working out for just over 2 months now and am down to 268 from 310. It’s been a great transformation!

    Tim Pannell

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      I am interested in the P90X for the winter – I do go to the gym at my school/work (same place) but in the winter aren’t as active when I’m at home. So you recommend it?

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