Fasting for Weight Loss

From, answer by Dr. Apovian.

Q: What is your opinion about fasting to lose weight? Would it be harmful if it were done one day a week?

A:  Fasting — the practice of going without food for a specified amount of time — is not necessary for losing weight, and it is not considered an appropriate weight-loss method….For the rest of the answer click here!


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  1. Fasting Weight Loss replied:

    I think the answer to that is the old saying “do everything with measure”.

    Fasting for weight loss can be amazing for you, but at the same time if you fast for a long time it can be harmful.

    I believe that one day a week is a little more than it should be. My best suggestion would be a day every other week.

    Hope this helps!

  2. royfalzon replied:

    I believe fasting should result in weight loss and I am doing it myself

  3. tripplex5663 replied:

    I was very impressed and felt had to get a valuable experience after reading your article. I will learn more and I’ll try to implement. thanks for sharing. Brighton MI Chiropractor Brighton MI Chiropractic

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