Dear Diary

July 15, 2009

Dear Diary,

I am tired!  I didn’t eat enough during the day.  I did do push ups this morning (30, 50, 50, 50) while I was drinking coffee and reading the news.  I biked to work, but didn’t take the stairs.  Hot in the building and sick of being sweaty!  I did change up my noon hour workout – upping the weights and taking out some cardio, hoping I’d make up for it elsewhere in the day (AM run, PM run, bike to work, squash, vball).

I played 2 games of squash after work and man were they competitive!  I won the second one and very happy about that.  Lots of hussle and flow (ahem, rallies).

Breakfast: the usual

Snack: blueberries

Lunch: turkey on brown, coffee

Snack: celery

Dinner: Protein shake, cheese string



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  1. Harry Johnson Jr. replied:

    Thanks for your post! Measuring the progress of an effective weight loss diet and exercise program are very crucial in loosing weight.

  2. Ruth replied:

    Man, you are one active person!

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