Can’t Stomach Protein Powders?


From Muscle and Fitness Hers

Q: I know I should drink a protein shake after I train, but I can’t find any protein powders that I can stomach.… So, what are some foods I can eat after workouts?

A: Yes, we do recommend that you should go with a protein powder shake right after you train (and even one before) because it‘s the best method to quickly deliver much needed amino acids to your muscles at the most critical time window in the day. But if you can‘t stomach, or can‘t get your hands on a protein shake (for example, you forgot yours at home) you do have some options. The most obvious is a protein bar….Read the rest of the answer here! 



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  1. superdrupermegapuper54321 replied:


    Very usefull info. Thanks!…

  2. Armando replied:

    Protein powders are great and needed to our body. Thanks for sharing this information to the community.

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