Diet and Exercise – the couple that will last!


Just diet and you’ll gain back the weight when you resume normal eating habits.  Exercise only and it will take longer to acheive your desired weight.  Pair them together and it’s a dynamite combo.  Now a study from the University of Pittsburgh concluded that a consistent exercise program helps your brain stick to a diet.  Personally I call it food guilt – the feeling I get when I look at my beloved carrot cake and think of how much work in the gym it will take to recover the damage…and knowing that just exercise the equal amount of calories will not erase the damage!

Researchers studied 160 overweight adults for 2 years and found participants who didn’t follow an exercise plan ate more than they should (ie. cheated on their diet plan).  They also found that those who cheated on their diet cheated on their workouts.   By combining both healthy weight loss diet and consistent exercise program, these 2 actions reinforce each other and you stick to both plans, resulting in your weight loss goal.   

So healthy diet and consistent exercise plan is the way to go for lifelong weight loss!


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One Comment

  1. aulelia replied:

    My issue with dieting and **trying** to eat well is I see progress on one part of my body and not the other.

    Eg: my legs are becoming more toned because of squats and lunges, but I still have a huge belly.

    I’m becoming disheartened, which in turn makes me want to eat…a lot.

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