Dear Diary

July 22, 2009

I was baddddd today.  I didn’t workout – my arms were tired and took a rest day.  Enjoyed reading a book at lunch!  I met up with a friend for a mani/pedi after work, and we went for patio drinks after…3 cosmos later and a stop at BK (btw, it’s gross).

Breakfast: the usual

Snack: coffee, The Zone bar

Lunch: turkey sandwich, avocado, berries,water

Snack: The Zone bar

3 cosmos

Dinner: BK chicken sandwish, fries and a diet coke…yep.  Can you say off the wagon???


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One Comment

  1. tallgirlct replied:

    Hi, just started a water fast to kick off my return to health and was checking around for other dieter’s blogs.

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