Dear Diary “You’re the fittest girl I know”

July 27, 2009

Dear Diary

Today was a good day – not much of an appetite though.  Biked to work, and almost had my bike stolen.  They cut and removed my chain lock, but gave up when they realized I also had on a U-lock.  Ah well.  Guess I’ll have to cough up the $3 per month to lock my bike up in the parking garage!

I went to the gym at lunch today and did an intense lower body.  I also did 8 captain’s chair leg raises and 8 back/ab extensions.  Had no room to put it below!  My stomach felt it during the 45min of squash.  I lost all 3 games but man was it fun!  I am getting better, but my partner is also playing 2 other people and improving.  He has longer limbs too :).  Got a great compliment from him though…”You’re the fittest girl I know!“…Yes!  That matches the compliment I got from a highschool boy on Saturday… “She’s a tank!” 🙂 🙂

Breakfast: the usual, omega 3 capsule

Snack: The Zone bar

Lunch: The Zone bar, blueberries

Dinner: Swiss Chalet chicken, fries, coleslaw, diet coke



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