How to Pose For Pictures


I hate the way I look in photos.  But no on wants to look the exact same in every photo, like the Cosmo covers.  If you haven’t noticed, the covergirls always are in the same rehersed pose!

Here are some tips for looking good in pics:

  • Have a friend take photos of you in different poses. Review to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Practise a natural smile in the mirror
  • Change the angle to the camera to you looking up at the camera – never have the camera lower than you, it’s never flattering
  • Wear flattering colours for your skin, hair and eye colour.  To find out what colours look good on you, click here
  • Have some makeup on.  Eyes, eyebrows and lip can disappear in photos.  Even your skin tone, powder down the shine and brush your hair
  • Angle your body 3/4 towards the camera, one shoulder closer towards the photographer, and one foot in front of the other and your weight on the back leg (no locking knees)
  • To eliminate double chin, press your tongue to the top of your mouth.  Practise smiling like this so you look natural
  • If you know you are gonig to be photographed, avoid bloating foods, salt and drink some water a few days before. Do some resistance training to tone up
  • Take a tip from fitness and figure competitors.  Tense your body like abs or arms.  Make it look natural by practising
  • If you are posing with tall friends, stand on something or all sit down
  • Pick the right light – natural, not flash or fluorescent lights
  • To look trimmer place hands on hips – like in the Cosmo covers!
  • To loot trimmer have full hair – face looks more sculpted



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