10 Reasons I’m Not Losing Weight

I read this a few days ago at work.  Some are true for me.  Read the list with details here.

  1. I skip sleep to work out in the AM.
  2. I don’t eat enough veggies and fruit.
  3. I crank the AC.  (Who knew?)
  4. I eat large meals after (longer) workouts.
  5. I like (ok, need) quick fixes.
  6. I’m shooting for 10lbs rather than 25lbs.
  7. I eat chocolate/drink wine because “it’s good for me”.
  8. Water-rich diet involves drinking the water, not eating the water!
  9. I drive when I could walk.
  10. I don’t eat potassium-rich food.

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  1. Mary :: A Merry Life replied:

    Those are definitely things that can slow or stall weight loss. So how are you going to fix them?

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      Check out the article attached to the post!

  2. losing 50 pounds fast replied:

    It’s also true for me

  3. “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin’ Time Magazine « I Want My Sexy Back! replied:

    […] This is an interesting article on why dieting alone might be better for losing weight (not saying getting fit and toned) than exercising.  Just like what I mentioned in this post! […]

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