What Happens When You Drink


I decided to read up on this since I’m thinking about a bottle of red tonight…despite being ill for the last week+ (hence no Dear Diary workout/eating posts – no appetite, no gym).  I was supposed to fly to Montreal to visit my brother, go to museums, housewarming party, fireworks…but canceled a few hours ago because I was ill.  The Dean of Students actually sent me home early, and followed it up with an email about “secondary infection”.  Guess that’s what happens when you work/attend a medical school.

Anyways, this is what happens when you have a drink..and then another…and so on. 

On the brighter side, I got to leave early, and play a role in a video being made by the school for my orientation week in 2 weeks (I got a summer job planning orientation at my school).  I play a lab tech.


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