Dear Diary


August 22, 2009

Dear Diary,

I’ve been sick with a nasty cold.  I’m hoping mono didn’t return again.  It was very hot in Toronto this past week and I didn’t sleep much, so I think that was what made it so bad.  So I’ve been taking it easy and forcing myself to eat.  Luckily I can down oatmeal,bee wheatgerm, flaxseed and bee pollen.  It’s highly nutritious, so at least even if I don’t meet my calorie requirements, I am getting some vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients.

I haven’t been biking to work or going to the gym as I’m too exhausted and didn’t want to tax my body anymore.   I did do a light weight workout today to stimulate muscles so not to lose much muscle mass through not working out or eating enough.

serneaHave lots of time to watch the WTA Rogers Cup in Toronto.  Good semi-finals match – Serena is out!

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  1. chaim bitton replied:

    A good food diary is the Food And Exercise Diary (WeightLossSoftware.Net). Might be of interest. It also has a medical diary.

    • iwantmysexyback replied:

      Is the download free of charge?

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