Avoid the Freshman 15


I am going back to school for my second year, and either I’ll gain some weight, or lose weight with the “Med Lab Diet” – weight loss from stress and studying.

For some, like me back in my first year of university, weight gain is easy because of the drinking, the cafeteria food and we only ourselves (aka no moms) to hold us accountable for our eating habits.

Here is a good plan to avoid the “freshman 15” this year (click on the link to see the full points):

  1. Structure your eating habits
  2. Don’t overdo your dining plan
  3. Avoid peer pressure
  4. Watch the liquid calories
  5. Plan for cramming
  6. Don’t stock up on junk food
  7. Take a course on healthy eating
  8. Weigh yourself daily
  9. Join a gym

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  1. Posts about Weight Loss as of September 12, 2009 replied:

    […] to lose weight keep looking for the secret ingredient that will help them to accomplish that. Avoid the Freshman 15 – iwantmysexyback.wordpress.com 09/12/2009 I am going back to school for my second year, and […]

  2. fizex replied:

    there are 10 simple tips that you can practice in order to achieve the dream of:

    1. Set your goals slowly. Get decrease in the range of 0.5kg to 1kg per week.
    2. can take supplements such as Glutamine each day after exercise session.
    3. Reduce the intake of food or drink sweet (sugar content high).
    4. just eat fruit instead.
    5. drinks more mineral water and do not drink alcoholic beverages.
    6. Set the time you eat each day.
    7. Eat in the dining area and not in front of the tv.
    8. Familiarize themselves with the smaller plates when eating.
    9. Fill your days with doing certain activities to avoid fun thought of food.
    10. Make sure you get adequate rest. For example bedtime. Sleep in 6 to 8 hours a day.

    You can follow all this tips to get more ideal body, visits here to more info..

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