10 Steps to Manage Your Weight


From EverydayHealth.com:

  1. Build more lean muscle.  I am trying!!
  2. Fight off hunger with more filling foods. I am going to eat more brown rice, oatmeal, apples and veggies.
  3. Avoid temptation. I want to not be tempted to drink as much as in the past orientation week(s).  I also think I may have kicked my carrot cake habit.
  4. Count calories. This is something I need to take to task.
  5. Plan your meals in advance. I have made chicken for the weeks’ lunches, going to pick up protein bars for my locker.
  6. Add minutes to your workout. I am going to up my aerobic cardio time (see this post on aerobic cardio zone and fat loss)
  7. Measure your portions. Yep, I need to.
  8. Weight yourself daily. I have started.
  9. Include diary in your diet. Skim milk with meals at home and in the protein shake.
  10. Let your plate be your guide.  I need to start using plates…

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