Men’s Health Book: Your Best Body at 40+


I know I shouldn’t directly copy and paste but I love how this email read – so true!  And frankly, this book isn’t just for males…cut the serving size and ladies, there ya go.

“It’s the classic catch-22: The higher you rise in the corporate food chain, the harder it becomes for you to manage your food supply. Success today means flying all over the globe, making deals over cocktails, and working the rubber-chicken circuit. But finding time to eat at home more often—to control what goes into your body so you can get more out of it—is a crucial weapon in your weight loss war.It may also help you earn a healthier paycheck. Overweight men are more likely to be passed over for a promotion than their normal-weight peers, and surveys show that they earn an average of $4,000 less per year. So no matter how stressed you might feel, healthy food is worth the effort.

The good news: Healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard or take hours to prepare. Pick up a copy of Your Best Body at 40+ for more than 20 home-cooked fat burners (and hundreds of guy-friendly power meals) that will keep your waist trim and your body strong. Need some workouts to compliment your healthy eating plan? Download Men’s Health’s Workouts to your iPhone for more than 20 pre-loaded workouts and 150 muscle-sculpting exercises.”

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