Better Skin – Just Sleep!


From, Better Skin is Just a Sleep Away by the You Docs.

“You can look better with a good night’s rest, since Z’s help stimulate a growth hormone that boosts production of collagen and elastin to keep your skin taut. But don’t let sleep do all the work – try these tricks:

Sleep face up and let gravity exert a light stretching effect on your skin. With your face pressed to the pillow, you’ll look puffier in the morning and develop sleep lines.

Wrap your pillow. Allergy to dust mites (really, dust mite poop) is common, as are allergies to feathers and laundry soap. These cause repeated nighttime eyelid swelling. Covering your pillow with a 1-micron pillowcase (the fabric’s pores are one-thousandth of a millimetre). This should decrease the allergies and the puffy look.

Let your skin breathe to get rid of toxins from the sebaceous glands. It can’t do that covered by makeup.

Skip the nightcap. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and increases the leakiness of capillaries, so more water moves from your bloodstream into your soft tissue. With the horizontal position during sleep, the result is facial puffiness, stretched skin, and faster wrinkle formation.”

Click here!:–better-skin-is-just-a-sleep-away


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