Dear Diary

October 8, 2009

Dear Diary,

Hello!  I am still trying to work out when to go to school, when to work, when to workout and when to post!

I worked out Monday and Wednesday, hoping to Friday and a couple of times on the Thanksgiving Weekend (Yah Canada!).

I’ve been following my nutritionist’s eating plan.  Breakfast, eat around the workout, but Wednesday took my treat day and had fastfood (bad!) with some drinks.  Probably will break and have drinks this weekend at a friend’s bonfire.  Not that sure I’ll go hogwild with the TG food…turkey and veggies!

I think I am having issues with portion, or being lazy near the end of the week.  Will look into it next weekend.  Should be losing 0.5lbs a week…don’t think I’ve gained but not sure I’ve lost.  Will see Wednesday!

This week I broke up the workout into 3 – run abs on sunday, arms shoulders 20min cardio on Monday, little bit of legs and run on Wednesday, and today chest and back with cardio. 

My hope is to do a 3 day split with abs on those days, along with 20min of cardio…on off days do 30-40min of cardio.  Will report next week!

I will be with family over Fri-Mon.  Look for posts Tuesday!


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  1. Posts about Weight Loss as of October 9, 2009 replied:

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  2. Tomer Guez replied:

    I use a program called Food And Exercise Diary (WeightlossSoftware.Com). It has a medical diary, food diary, and moods and feelings diary. So I can see relations between my foods, medication and moods. So the FED lets me figure out what is causing problems, and what works.

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