Drinking for Weight Loss?


Funny, these two articles came in the same newsletter from EverydayHealth.com!

Can Alcohol Derail You Diet?  Sugars from alcohol can add up if you imbib in one after work every night.  Switch to wine, then wine spritzer and maybe you’ll be satisfied in a few weeks with just club soda and a lemon!

  • Light beer, 12 oz, 90 to 110 calories
  • Regular beer, 12 oz, 150 calories
  • Red wine, 5 oz, 120 to 150 calories
  • Rum or whiskey, 1.5 oz, 98 calories
  • Gin, 1.5 oz, 120 calories
  • Vodka, 1.5 oz, 98 calories
  • Now add in the sugary mixes! Juices! Pops! Rimmers!

    Drink To Your Health 

    Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about how good alcohol is for your health — but I always thought it was unhealthy to drink. Can you explain this? 

    A: After reports were released suggesting that alcohol has a protective effect on the heart, many people I know jumped for joy and cheered, “Finally something seemingly sinful is good for me!” In fact, a moderate amount of alcohol can be good for your heart health. Research shows that drinking any type of alcohol in moderation can lower your risk of stroke, raise good cholesterol (HDL) levels, and lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. And red wine contains antioxidants that can further protect the heart. So go ahead and enjoy your wine with dinner. To stay in balance, switch your glass of wine for your dinner roll or other starch serving.But stay sober! Once you drink past the point of moderation (which is defined as one drink a day for women, and two for men), alcohol’s benefits are quickly swallowed by its risks. Heavy drinking can really take a toll, leading to liver disease, stroke, cancer, and many other ailments. Alcohol also has plenty of calories. So if you don’t drink, don’t start. But if you do, enjoy — just take it easy.



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    1. John D replied:

      Well, water is quite important for weight loss.

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