Navigate the Holidays: How to Work Around Holiday Festivities

Budget your calories.  If you are hitting up a party or dinner later on, halve your portions the day of the party.  You can slice 300-500 calories off your daily diet and use those at the party.

Stick to the veggie platters.  ***Choose veggies over fruit when possible too.

Stick to protein platters – meat, lettuce wraps, shrimp…avoid the desserts, pastries.  Too many carbs!

Indulge in one vice – if you drink alcohol, no food.  If you want the food, avoid alcohol.

Talk more than eat.  If you are at a party, do more talking and socializing than eating.  If you are at a dinner table, take a bite, strike up a conversation, take a bite and so on.  Also, put your fork down between bites.  This forces you to chew and to wait and to enjoy your food (and company!).

Shrink your plate.  Eat off of a 20 inch dinner plate rather than a 22 inch.   You can elimiate 22% of calories and 18 pounds a year.

Switch your cheat day.  If your cheat day is Sunday, party is Thursday, move the cheat day to Thursday.

Get back on the horse.  If you splurge one night, get back on the diet and exercise horse the next day.l

Burn it off!

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