Avoid Workout Burnout

I’m guilty of some of these….from MSN.com:

The Honeymoon You never miss a workout in attempt to drop a few dress sizes in a month. Solution? Less can be more.  Don’t expect too much too soon (see below) and your body actually builds muscle on the rest days!  Burn more fat the day after than during the cardio!  Watch this video about the day-after-fat-burn.

Disenchantment You don’t see results right away so you give up. Solution? Set mini goals, take pictures and measurements every week.

Stalling Boredom with the workouts leads to any excuse to not work out.  Solution? Change up your routines, the machines you use, sign up for a 5K run, play some sports, even 21 at the local schoolground hoop.

Frustation and Surrender Life gets in the way and you work out less as fitness slips from priority.  Solution? Make a schedule and stick to it.  For 1 week.  Then make a new one for 2 weeks, changing things as needed…maybe work only one body part per day, with 15min on a machine…or do a 2 day split  and cardio on off days.  Or plan out meals and see how it goes!

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