Quit Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-yo dieting is bad and habit-forming.  From EverydayHealth.com, here’s how to avoid it:

Skipping meals. “Are you eating small, frequent meals throughout the day, or are you skipping meals and having long gaps between meals?” Gans asks. “That only makes you hungrier, and you’ll tend to overeat at your next meal.”

Eating out without thought. “Do you dine out all the time and use that as an excuse not to make healthy choices at a restaurant?” Gans asks. “Even when you’re dining out, you can make healthier choices. Order broiled food, not fried. Say no to desserts. Have a bowl of berries instead of pie. Order sauces on the side.”

Keeping unhealthy foods in your house. As part of a smart weight-loss program, you should clear out all the junk food and make sure you have a wealth of healthy options available for snacking and dining. “You need to keep fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy in the house so it’s there for you to make meals out of,” Gans says. Simply limiting some foods, such as soft drinks, that are high in sugars may help you significantly reduce calories.

Keep your portions small. One quick way to control weight is to cut back on the size of your portions. Many personal weight-loss programs fail because people ladle out way too much food for themselves and then feel compelled to clean their plates.

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