Lose 10lbs

From EverydayHealth.com, and I’ve summarized the full article from here.

  • Times when you crave food; make sure you have healthy, low-calorie snacks to reach for.
  • Opportunities to replace fat — steam-cook food with water instead of in oil, try mustard on a sandwich instead of mayonnaise, and drizzle fat-free dressing on your salad.
  • Serving sizes that are too large; scale back.
  • High-calorie drinks, including soda, sweet tea, sweetened or flavored milks, sweetened coffees, alcohol, and juices; replace with water, low-fat milk, or sugar-free drinks.
  • High-calorie additions to low-calorie foods — skip the cheese and nuts on salads and the butter on potatoes, for example.
  • Aim to lose up to two pounds a week, or 1 percent of your total body weight if you are over 200 pounds.
  • You can lose 10 pounds in less than 10 weeks if you cut out or burn more than 500 calories daily. The best way is to do both — cut down on calories and increase the amount you burn through exercise.
  • Don’t eat less than 1,200 calories a day. Your body will detect a “starvation” state and will revert to storing calories instead of burning them.
  • Use an online tool (or phone app) to help you count calories.
  • Increase the vegetables on your plate to increase food volume but lower calorie density  Increase your use of veggies in mixed dishes like casseroles or stew.
  • Start with soup. Starting your meal with a soup of less than 200 calories can reduce your calorie intake from the main course by 20 percent.
  • Start with fruit. Eating a raw apple before a meal keeps you feeling full longer, and will cut down on your calorie consumption by about 15 percent.
  • Get enough lean protein throughout the day.
  • Exercise!

Note: I cut and pasted from the full article!


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