Stronger Without Lifting Weights

I am a fan of working out at home…it’s convenient and comfortable and I can do it watching TV.  Men’s Health put out this article on how to gain strength without lifiting any weights.  I think it applies well to women because some workout beginners are more likely to work out at home (who maybe haven’t invested in home equipment) as well as moms.  Here are Men’s Health 5 ways to increase strength without weights:

  1. Increase the distance.  Lengthen your body and the exercise will become harder.  For example, raise your arms above your head while lunging.
  2. Go farther.  Place front or back feet on a step when lunging.  Instead of up/down reps, go half-up, back down, half-up, and so on.  Put your feet up on a stability ball or chair while doing pushups.
  3. Dissipate elastic energy.  Slow down the reps so that when you curl, the down motion is slow.  Apply the same for each exercise you can.  Make the return motion count more by slowing it down.
  4. More in more than one direction.  Twist your torso to the right or left in exercises such as the lunge, situp, and pushup.
  5. Decrease the body surface that touches the floor.  It’s hard to do a pushup, harder to do it on fingertips.  Lift your heels during a crunch.

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