Jwoww’s Diet and Workout

Jwoww from Jersey Shore has a better body in the press now then she did in season 2 of Jersey Shore.  Check out her diet and workout below:

1) Strength Training– in creating her Jersey Shore Miami Beach body, JWOWW performs exercises such as lunges, push ups, squats and kettlebell swings.  These movements engage every muscle in the body and pump up the metabolism so that her body is burning calories at a super high rate.  Plus, if she goes out to the club and has a few too many cocktails, it won’t derail her fitness results because her body is basically a furnace for calorie burn.

2) Metabolic Cardio Training– JWOWW combines cardio workouts with her strength training.  Instead of long, slow and boring 60 minute cardio workouts she performs intervals for a higher calorie burn and also a much more fun workout.

3) Nutrition– We all know JWOWW can pound the drinks but since season one of Jersey Shore; she’s cleaned up her act a little bit.  Instead of focusing on partying and appearances, she makes sure that she works out every day and stays on a strict fat loss diet plan during the week.  Her daily intake includes foods like: lean proteins (fish, chicken, and turkey), vegetables (the greener the better), fruit and whole grains (these are limited to once per day).

Note: Clip above from Top Fat Loss Trainer


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