Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I gained 5 pounds last year but also worked out and gained muscle.  However I am worried the same might happen this year so here are some more tips of avoiding the holiday weight gain:

  • Tackle the buffet table with a plan. “Always survey the buffet table first and then get in line with your plate and choose the things you really want, including healthy choices,” Gans says.
  • Position yourself away from the hors d’oeuvres. “Stand away from the hors d’oeuvres,” Gans advises. “If you’re near them, you’ll eat one. If you stand away from them, hopefully you won’t.”
  • Have a snack before you go to a party. “Most people, knowing they’re going somewhere, will not eat during the day, saving up their calories,” she says. “That’s a nightmare waiting to happen because you’ll end up eating too much because you’re so hungry.”
  • Bring a healthy dish with you. If you’re going to someone’s home for a potluck or buffet, bring a low-fat, low-calorie offering. “Be the one who says, ‘I’ll bring a vegetable,’ or ‘I’ll bring a salad,’ ” Gans says.
  • Engage in the leftover battle. If you’re at someone else’s house, don’t leave with leftovers. If you’re throwing the dinner party, send everyone home with leftovers.
  • Talk at parties, rather than eat. Gans encourages party-goers to “use the time to catch up with friends and family, not just to eat food.”
  • Keep up your normal exercise routine. You’ll be able to relieve holiday stress, burn excess calories, and avoid weight gain.

Above tips from EverdayHealth.com.

Here are some of my tips. 

  • Holidays are about eating holiday food.  Avoid the generic boxed chocolates (Turtles, After Eights, Pot Of Gold) so that you can have a Christmas cookie or dessert.
  • Enjoy a few hors d’heurves (shrimp, veggies and a great dip) instead of chips.
  • Ditch the juices, pops, cider, eggnog and have water.  This will cut the liquid calories and keep you hydrated and digestion flowing.  Also helps with bloat.  Try to avoid alcohol too.  If you do have a drink, try to imbibe only once.
  • Try to stay healthy at breakfast.  Enjoy a full-on bacon, eggs, hashbrown brunch at least once, and fully enjoy it without guilt.  However, don’t eat like that every morning.  Bacon, sausage, buttered toast, dessert-style pastries, juices etc. all add up on calories and make you groggy the rest of the day!
  • Get some exercise.  It doesn’t have to be a full-on hour.  Take a walk..it may be snowing but usually when it snows it’s warmer (warmer when the sky isn’t clear).  Do 5 min of yoga or stretching.  Play with the kids.  Do something!

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