Advice From Jack LaLanne

“Al Gore may not have invented the Internet, but Jack LaLanne, who passed away on January 23, did invent modern fitness.

Sometimes called the “Godfather of fitness,” Jack was born in 1914, a time when circumstances ensured we got enough exercise. Back then, people engaged in a great deal of physical labour and activity in their everyday lives, but as mid-century approached technology started doing more of our work for us (not too mention junk food became more prevalent), and as a society we started to get fatter.

Jack saw it coming, and worked hard to do something about it. He opened one of the first health clubs in the United States in 1936 and launched a daily fitness television show in the ’50s that lasted for 34 years. He combated the medical establishment of the time, which considered vigorous exercise dangerous, and became well-known for completing numerous implausible feats of strength and endurance to prove that his training methods made people healthier and more functional.”

Jack LaLanne was truly a leader and he passed away recently.  His life is quite remarkable, and he left us with lessons on how to live your life.   Click here for Jack’s lessons!


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