Healthy Food Makes Us Happy – Bad Food Makes Us Crappy


Cute title, no?  I read this article today online at titled “Healthy eating is about chemistry“.   It’s about how healthy foods provide our bodies with the building blocks for chemicals that stabilize our moods, blood sugar and nutritional needs, and how when we eat processed foods we are sabotaging our state of mind as well as the scale.

Interesting read.  Take a look!

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Agave Nectar vs. Table Sugar



Q: Agave nectar is starting to pop up on my grocery-store shelves. What are the pros and cons of using agave instead of sugar? Should I switch?

A:  Agave nectar (or syrup) is a natural sweetener produced from the agave plant (actually, it’s the same plant used to make tequila). Some people think it tastes similar to honey with a hint of molasses. Agave nectar is 50 to 90 percent fructose in composition and, therefore, contains a higher percentage of fructose than regular old table sugar (sucrose). This high percentage of fructose has some benefits and some drawbacks.Because it’s lower in glucose, agave has a lower glycemic index than table sugar. That means agave doesn’t cause your blood sugar to spike as rapidly after eating it, which means it can temper the sugar rush associated with eating sweets.

Also, its high fructose content makes agave nectar about 1.4 times sweeter than sugar, meaning you can use less agave to achieve the same level of sweetness. Even though agave and white sugar contain approximately the same number of calories (about 20 calories per teaspoon), the fact that you can use less to sweeten your coffee, morning oatmeal, or baked goods means you could save yourself a few calories. In baked goods and sweet treats, you can substitute 1/2 to 2/3 cup agave nectar for every cup of granulated sugar.

Now for the downside: Fructose is metabolized differently from glucose, so it can have some undesirable effects on our here to read the rest of the answer!

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Dear Diary

June 8, 2009

Dear Diary,

I didn’t go to the grocery store last night so I was out of eggs and didn’t bring any food with me to work…I know, big mistake.  I had oatmeal and wheat germ with black tea for breakfast but no eggs.  Needless to say I was hungry by 9am and grabbed a peanut chocolate bar from the cafe to give me energy.  Have to say it hit the spot.  For sweets, that is. 

I am worn out from my weekend’s activities so I didn’t do cardio at lunch.  I figured with no food in me I’d be buring muscle and not fat, carbs or glycogen.  I did do weights (see below).  I switched up my arm routine according to Oxygen magazine to get my arms to pop.  I am going to do Week 4 of both challenges tonight and if I find it hard I”ll repeat a week.

I took the stairs 4 times today and had to go out around my work to sell ad space (long story short I am a orientation planner for a school) and walked for about 50min straight.  I was tired and sweaty when I got back.  Every so grateful I didn’t expend precious energy on 30min elliptical intervals at lunch.  I did pick up one of my fav foods: a steak fajita burrito from Taco Villa.  So good and filling.  I am still not hungry and I ate that at 2pm.

I will go grocery shopping tonight so I can eat clean again and frequently at work.  No more energy slumps!


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