Spinach The Superfood

Spinach! From Chatelaine

  1. Spinach is an excellent source of calcium: By supplying 100mg of calcium in every 100g serving, spinach is an excellent alternative to dairy for its ability to support healthy bone growth and prevent the onset of osteoporosis.
  2. Spinach can help you relax: Spinach is one of the highest sources of dietary magnesium. Magnesium is necessary for smooth muscle relaxation of the arteries, as well as for hormone development in our adrenal glands to cope with high stress levels.
  3. Spinach is high in folate: Folate is important for everyone, but necessary for expectant mothers to ensure proper neurological development of the fetus in early stages of growth. So stock up on spinach to nourish your baby’s nervous system!
  4. Spinach is a great source of protein: There may have been some truth to the old Popeye cartoons. Spinach is one of the only vegetarian sources of protein that contains a complete amino acid profile to rebuild muscle tissue and support collagen growth, which helps to maintain healthy skin and mobile joints. 
  5. Spinach can help protect your eyesight: Spinach is high in lutein, a phytonutrient in the carotenoid family. Lutein specifically targets the eyes to avoid the macular degeneration associated with aging. It’s an antioxidant for the eyes that maintains healthy vision.

There are many ways to cook with spinach.  My fav way is just wilting it in a pan with a bit of spray or olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.  Try it with garlic, mushrooms or with a peanut sauce.  Google “spinach recipes” and you come up with lots of ideas.  Also, add tore up pieces of spinach to pastas, soups and omelettes.

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White White Is Bad For Your Teeth


This article from BBC News describes the negative affects of white wine on your teeth and how to minimize them. White wine affects your teeth more than red wine (even through red wine dyes your lips, tongue and teeth!). The origin, vintage or alcohol content is not what affects your teeth, but the pH and duration of contact with your chompers.

To minimize the pH affects, try eating cheese at the same time. Cheese is rich in calcium which is good for teeth and what the acid targets in the teeth.

“In the lab, adult teeth soaked in white wine for a day had a loss of both calcium and another mineral called phosphorus to depths of up to 60 micrometers in the enamel surface, which the researchers say is significant.”

What wines are the worst offenders? Riesling wines tended to have the greatest impact, having the lowest pH. What to choose? A rich red like a Rioja or a Pinot noir…Mmmm I love big reds!

But don’t think that brushing right away will save you white-wine-no-cheese people. Excessive brushing might make matters worse and lead to further loss of enamel. So maybe having a mini-wine and cheese tasting is the way to go. This combo helps neutralise the acid and boost the remineralising power of saliva to halt the acid attack.

Avoid eating strawberries or other fruit (and it’s juices) as this adds to the acid attack. So in conclusion: have red, or have white with cheese and wait 30min to brush!

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