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I’ve loved Jennifer Aniston since her Rachel days and still harbour a girl-to-girl crush on her.  Damn Angelina Jolie! Anyways, when the above cover (GQ January 2009) came out I was awestruck by how great she looks.  Since her early Friends’ days she has kept pretty fit and toned.  So I’ve summarized her diet and workout.  I read somewhere in my tabloids rags (love them!) that she cut back on smoking and wine for a few months leading up this shoot.


She has for a long time followed the Zone Diet of 30% lean protein, 30% healthy fats, 40% carbohydrates, avoid corn and bananas.  She has her meals delivered and ate the same Cobb salad on set everyday of Friends.


She does yoga, calisthenics (simple movements with weights or equipment and Bukadon (a mix of yoga, martial arts, and Zen mind).  Three times a week she does yoga mixed with calisthenics and cardio to burn fat and to warm up the muscles before hand.

Yoga poses: Butterfly, One Arm Balance, Crescent, Bridge, Cat/Dog, Tree, Boat, Chair,

The Tree pose is my favourite pose!






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Fergie’s Workout


I remember when the “Shut Up” video came out and I was like “who is that girl” she looks good.  Basically her workouts include total body toning and walking on inclines, sometimes backwards!

Check it out here  http://ifitandhealthy.com/fergie-workout-and-diet/ and here http://stardietsecrets.com/workout-like-fergie-fergie-workout-routine/

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Kelly Ripa has great arms – her workout


 Kelly Ripa has an amazingly muscular body.  She has really defined arms.  She showed her workout routine on her show.  Her trainer is an ex-Marine and surprisingly all her routines can be done in the home with simple equipment (medicine ball, stabililty ball, skipping rope, treadmill for running inside).  Check out here for her routine (http://www.fitnesscure.com/2007/12/27/kelly-ripas-workout/) and the video for the clip from her show.

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